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Our Mission at Evolve is to facilitate living from a higher consciousness perspective--one that creates inner peace and ultimately, world peace, by embracing self-empowerment and a true understanding of the interconnectedness of all Life. In alignment with that purpose, we offer unique and consciously collected gift items, as well as heart-centered services that bring inspiration, joy, and  beauty to your environment and Life Journey.


Located in the heart of the beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore

Awaken and inspire the uniquely Divine Spirit that is You! Discover the Truth of your whole, healed and perfect Self. Explore the magnificent realms of illuminated beauty and magic that exist within. Empower the gifts of your Shining Soul that bring joy to your life and offer Light to the world.  


Winter Hours: 11-5 daily Closed Tuesdays

Uplift, Empower and Enchant!

Marvelous selection of high quality stones and crystals!


These treasures from the heart of Mother Earth bring visual and energetic beauty to our lives in so many ways. Enhance your healing or meditation practice, restore and maintain positive energy in your home or work environment, expand your connections to nature spirits and the Angelic realms!

Books, Greeting Cards, Journals


Books for daily Inspiration, life transformation, and exploration of new spiritual paths and skills.  Great selection of children's titles, too. Surprisingly unique collection of greeting cards for sending hugs or giggles, or framing to enhance your sacred space.

Oracle Decks and Tarot Cards


Bring positive energy and insight to your life journey! The beautiful images and messages of these decks assist you to connect with the wisdom of your Higher Self, Angels, and the realms of Nature Spirits. Many are as simple to use as choosing a card for the day.

Candles and Oils


Pure premium oils for aromatherapy, diffusing, and wearing. Large variety of Reiki charged votives and pillars to create a relaxing, healing environment that soothes all the senses. Breathe in the peace, exhale the stress!

Incense, sage, and smudging tools


All your favorite scents in stick and cone incense, traditional sage, sweetgrass, and palo santo. Plus a complete line of high vibrational sprays for clearing and setting positive intention.



Sterling silver, stone and crystal adornments to express your inner sparkle! Rings, earrings,pendants, and bracelets with semi-precious gemstones to enhance a positive, personal energy field.

And Much More!

Statuary, Figurines


Buddhas, Ganesha, Angels, Fairies, Dragons, Wildlife and Animal Totems. Something to delight everyone!

Banners, Bells, Chimes


Create the feel of a personal sanctuary in your home, office or meditation space. Inspirational wall decor and the gentle soothing tones of handmade bells and bamboo chimes.  



Express your heartfelt connection with Mother Earth and the Nature Spirits. T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hats in a large selection of wildlife and fantasy themes, many with a touch of humor to bring a smile! Children and adult sizes.

Tapestries, Tablecovers, Throws and Pillows


Gorgeous tapestries to hang, use as tablecovers, or wrap yourself in comfort. Enhance your experience of serenity and peace in your sacred space.



We specialize in unique puzzles that are both challenging and relaxing. Children's and adults, 100 to 1500 pieces, some simple, some quite complex, all simply fun!

Share the Love


Whether you are celebrating a special occasion, showing appreciation, or offering support during a difficult time, you can find the perfect card or gift that says, "You mean so much to me."

Our Readers and Practitioners

Robert Stevens, Psychic Spiritual Consultant


Robert has had the lifelong ability to see and hear those from other dimensions. He utilizes this psychic ability to:

  • contact your spirit guides 
  • help you connect to loved ones who have passed on
  • understand the next step in your spiritual journey
  • release old belief systems 
  • explore past life issues that may be causing problems in this lifetime


   Available for pre- booked appointments and walk- in sessions on Wednesdays.   Please call for availability on other days by special appt.  15 minutes: $40  30 minutes: $65  60 minutes: $110

Robert also does phone readings.

Susan Steadman, Professional Tarot Consultant


Susan Steadman has been reading the cards, teaching, and coaching professional tarot card readers nationally for over four decades. In a reading you can expect specific, useful insight into any situation or challenge you are facing. 

Susan finds the tarot to be compassionate, compelling, and inspiring for your life now. There is nothing mysterious to be deciphered; this is personal, practical, straightforward - and FUN. You will come away feeling uplifted and empowered. Susan is available by appointment through Evolve. 

15 minutes-$25, 30 minutes-$50, 

60 minutes-$100

Marilyn Raffaele, Channeled Readings


Marilyn has been a student of mysticism for over 45 years. Her main focus of study consisted of the Infinite Way teachings of Joel S Goldsmith, a western mystic.  

She has studied and worked with Quantum Touch, Sacred Rays, Circle of Grace (level II), the Sacred Teachings of the Mystery Schools (Adept I & II), Ancient Art of Divine Grace, Flowing Liquid Light (level III), signature Cell Healing (level II), and is a Sekhem-Seichim Reiki Master.  

For 10 years, Marilyn has been the channel for the Arcturian Group, a collective of Light Beings from Arcturus.  These Arcturian channeled messages can be found on her

Marilyn's focus is spiritual instruction and guidance through personal channeled readings and the messages of the Arcturian Group. 

She is available most days by special appointment.

Eva Tytar, Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Healing


Experience the pure tones of peace as Eva intuitively plays her collection of antique singing bowls, handmade by Tibetan monks and infused with many prayers and blessings. 

These exquisite bowls create sound harmonics that induce Alpha and Theta states of consciousness for deep relaxation and assistance in healing at all levels.  

Private and group healing sessions are available, please call to inquire.

Tracey Sivek, Intuitive Channel, Mediumship, Reiki Master, Paranormal Investigator


Tracey uses her abilities as a psychic intuitive to connect to your Higher Self and assist you with questions or difficulties you are experiencing from life's challenges.  

She is a skilled medium and can contact loved ones who have crossed over, providing peace, closure, and healing.  

Tracey is also able to take you through Past Life Exploration, finding answers and tools from another life experience that will benefit your present journey.  

She is a Reiki Master and teacher, offering personal energy sessions for healing on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.  

Available by special appt.  Tracey's website: 


Psychic medium, Sherry Lord, visits Evolve periodically to offer personal, in-depth readings and energy healing sessions. Sherry has many years experience as a highly skilled channel, and is much sought after as a spiritual teacher and keynote speaker. She can help you to connect with your angels and spirit guides, as well as loved ones who have crossed over. 

Special Events and Classes


Planning a vacation or girlfriends getaway to the beautiful Sleeping Bear Dunes area? Treat yourself and family/friends to a special class or personal reading/healing sessions. We can create a special day and time for you and your friends with the reader or practitioner of your choice. Call us to help you with that!

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